2019 Annual Report Cover

2018 Annual Report Released

Our 2018 Annual Report has hit the streets! Download your copy here.

Each year, across the pages of our Annual Report, we enumerate all of the gifts to and from the Community Foundation over the past year. But please don’t be fooled by the simple listing of names and dollars. Each one of these grants, scholarships, and donations represent a heart touched, a legacy left, an indelible mark made.

There’s the new scholarship in the name of a beloved teacher and coach at First Flight Middle School, who will always be remembered for living his life with courage and determination. There’s the grant from the late Pauline Wright to Special Olympics for new uniforms and equipment.

There’s a new fund to help local veterans, in memory of a brave soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. And there’s the musician on our cover, who, like 73 other art students before him, is going to college thanks to an amazing bequest from the late Dorothy Luedemann.

These stories are shared in brief in the 2018 Annual Report, and you can read even more on our website: www.obcf.org.

It’s been said that your legacy can be measured by how many hearts you touch. Probably most of us wonder, at some point, what kind of mark we will make upon this earth.

The Community Foundation is the local alliance of folk who make a mark on the Outer Banks, touch hearts, and leave a legacy of good.

The givers who work with the Outer Banks Community Foundation have different interests, different passions, and different stories. Some folks utilize us to support a specific charity, whether that be the school or church down the street, a beloved nonprofit, or a favorite park or historic site. Other folks use us for our scholarship expertise, creating a perpetual source of support benefiting generations of students on their journeys to college. Others just want to help the Outer Banks in general with a forever gift for the community.

It is our honor at the Outer Banks Community Foundation to connect all of these people who care with the causes that matter to them. We ensure that their legacies are honored, stewarded, and do the most good.

So what mark will you make? What hearts will you touch? We invite you to call us at 252-261-8839 to help you plan your legacy of giving.