Congratulations 2023 Scholarship Recipients!

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is honored to have this opportunity to help you achieve your dream of a higher education.

As your New and Renewal Scholarship award notice(s) stated, we will pay awarded scholarships directly to your college in late June, to be applied evenly over the fall and spring semesters for your next year’s costs: first toward tuition, fees, and books; and second, toward your room and board.

It is your responsibility to promptly notify your college of all of your scholarship awards, so they know your financial plans. We encourage you to provide copies of your award notice(s) to your college as notification of your scholarship award(s). Please note that these notices are sent via email and a copy is forwarded to the permanent addresses listed on your application, contact our office if you need something other than what has already been provided.

Important Next Steps and Points to Remember:

  • By no later than Friday, June 16, 2023, log back into your dashboard and complete your follow up Student Response Form, providing the name and address of your school’s Cashier or Financial Aid Office. Scholarship awards will not be paid until we receive this information and late submissions will not be accepted. Failure to meet this deadline will result in this scholarship being awarded to another deserving student.  Please log in asap and complete this form right away!
  • In order to protect your scholarship, it is imperative that you read and act on the very important information on this article to prevent scholarship displacement.
    • You can find more information about scholarship displacement here.
  • Stay in touch! YOU MUST NOTIFY US if your college enrollment status and/or contact information changes at any point in the upcoming year (e.g., if you change your email address, change schools, leave school, etc.). Plus, we LOVE hearing from our scholars, so please email us at with updates. If you can, please share photos or videos of your scholastic activities and/or achievements, so that we can share your success with our community that supported your well deserved scholarship!

On behalf of everyone out the Outer Banks Community Foundation, we congratulate you and wish you a wonderful semester!