L-R from top: Cathy Baldwin, Dave Clawson, Jean-Louise Dixon, Jeff Dowdy, Frank Hester, Lynda Hester, Tess Judge, Robin Mann, Ray Meiggs, Claudia Neal, Noel Preston, Packy Regan, Betty Selby, Dave Shufflebarger, Ronnie Sloan, Ruth Toth, Sarah Spencer, Jason Waughtel.

2023 Outer Banks Community Foundation Board of Directors

Jean-Louise (Scout) Dixon, Chair
Jason Waughtel, Vice-Chair
Pat (Packy) Regan, Treasurer
Lynda Hester, Secretary
Cathy Baldwin
David Clawson
Jeff Dowdy
Tess Judge
Ray Meiggs
Robin Mann
Claudia Neal
Noel Preston
Betty Govan Selby
David Shufflebarger
Ronnie Sloan
Sarah Spencer
Ruth Toth

Would you like to share your experience directly with the governance group? Please email feedback@obcf.org to send a message directly to our board.


Directors Emeritus

*David Stick, Founder
Jack L. Adams
Bruce Austin
Nonie H. Booth
John W. Boyd
Marcelle Brenner
Scott Brown
Ralph Buxton
*C. Howard Cliborne
*George S. Crocker
T. Olin Davis
Sharon Elliott
Dawn E. Enochs
Ina Evans Ernst
Cashar W. Evans, Jr.
*M. Keith Fearing
Helen E. Ford
*Paul Ford
John Graham
*Jack Gray
Edward L. Greene
*Andy Griffith
Charles Hardy
Bobby Harrell
Deloris Harrell
*James P. Harrell
Avery Harrison
*Diane Henderson
Dorothy Hester
Skipper Hines
Greg Honeycutt
John F. Hughes
*Frederick Hutchins
Elizabeth Kellogg
*Martin Kellogg, Jr.
Michael W. Kelly
Jonathan W. Kenton
*Daniel D. Khoury
Myra Ladd-Bone
J. Randall Latta
Scott Leggat
Kenneth L. Mann
*Wallace H. McCown
*Teresa Merritt
*Stockton Midgett
*Glen Miller
Loretta Michael
Bob Muller
Brant Murray
Bob Oakes
*Josephine Oden
*Edward Olsen
Teresa Osborne
Robbie Parker
Geneva Perry
Jim Perry
Michael C. Reeves
Lila Schiffman
Chris Seawell
Norman W. Shearin, Jr.
Nancy Sugg
Jane Webster
*Sterling Webster, III
Robert E. Wells
Stan White
W. Ray White
Jo Whitehead
Suzanne S. Woolard


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