Marine Corps Commandant General Paul “P.X.” Kelley Memorial Fund Established


A new fund has been created at the Outer Banks Community Foundation in honor of General P.X. Kelley, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who served his country for 37 years and rose to become Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1983 – 1987. General Kelley’s daughter, Chris Kelley Cimko and her husband, John, established the donor-advised fund to honor General Kelley’s life and work, and to perpetuate his legacy of compassion and care for servicemen and women.

General Paul “P.X.” Kelley’s remarkable career, during which he played a pivotal role in preparing the Marine Corps for the twenty-first century, was characterized by his “personable and engaging” leadership style, his focus on innovation, his bravery on the battlefield, and the care he showed for those under his command. At age 53, Kelley became the youngest Marine to be promoted to the rank of Four-Star General, serving as both Commandant and Assistant Commandant. Following his retirement from the Marine Corps, President George H.W. Bush appointed Kelley to serve as Chairman of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). Under his leadership, the ABMC oversaw the design and construction of the National World War II Memorial and the Korean War Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  At the age of 91, General Kelley passed away in December 2019, due to complications of Alzheimer’s disease. The Marine Corps paid tribute to General Kelley by noting that “his enduring legacy as Commandant was defined by his commitment to taking exceptional care of his Marines, re-instilling Marine Corps values, and modernizing the Corps for success on future battlefields.”

Chris and John Cimko have a home in Burke, Virginia; they also have a home in Duck, North Carolina.

Explaining why she and her husband established the Memorial Fund in the Outer Banks, Chris explained how much North Carolina beaches have always meant to her and her dad:

“My dad and I spent so many happy days on North Carolina beaches. Searching for shells and shark’s teeth. Paddling around on life rafts. Running from rain clouds. All the happy memories that families make at the beach.  When John and I established our home in Duck, my dad was ill and unable to visit. Those happy memories became even more precious. We realized the Outer Banks is where we want to create a living legacy for my dad. The great folks at the Outer Banks Community Foundation have brought that dream to life.”

The fund’s purpose is to support the work of local charities that provide assistance to Outer Banks military veterans, and for other charitable purposes as determined and recommended by the Cimko’s.

“We are honored to be chosen as a partner for General Kelley’s memorial fund, and we embrace the obligation to use this fund to help Marines, armed service members, and their families,” said Community Foundation Board Chair and US Navy combat veteran Clark Twiddy. “Future grants from the General P.X. Kelley Memorial Fund will uphold the legacy personified not only by General Kelley, but by all Marines, going back to Tun’s Tavern in 1775, to ‘serve others first.’  Through this fund, the General’s faithful vision and leadership example, the love he showed for his Marines, and his love for Carolina beaches will become timeless.”

The new fund is structured as a perpetual endowment, which means that the principal of the fund will remain invested, while the earnings will be awarded each year to support military veterans and other causes important to General Kelley.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation currently manages more than 200 funds, including 39 donor-advised funds. Anyone can contribute to the General P.X. Kelley Memorial Fund below, or to any of the funds administered by the Community Foundation, at Any individual, family, business, nonprofit organization, civic group, or private foundation can open a fund. Creating a charitable fund is an easy, flexible, and effective way to make a lasting impact on the community. Although each fund has a unique name, history, legacy, and purpose, they all share the same broad goal of improving lives and meeting local needs in Dare County and the Outer Banks.

Manteo High School Scholarship Recipients Announced

These Manteo High School seniors will head off to higher learning this fall with scholarship support, thanks to Outer Banks Community Foundation donors and fund establishers. 2021 Manteo High School Community Foundation scholarship recipients are (clockwise from top left) Wallace McCown (Catherine Carrington Clawson Scholarship), Ragen Twiford (Duck Woods Ladies Tennis Association Scholarship), Cathryn Daniels (Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship), William Garman (Wallace H. McCown Scholarship and Duck Woods Ladies Tennis Association Scholarship), and Hannah O’Neal (Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship). The awards were presented at Manteo High School’s Awards Night on May 19.

Representatives from the Community Foundation, Duck’s Woods Ladies Golf Association, and Outer Banks Association of Realtors were on hand to distribute award letters to these rising college freshmen and women.

Congratulations, students and THANK YOU, fund establishers!


“Our State” Article Features Iconic Frank Stick Flat Top Cottages

Details from Frank Stick: Splendid Painter of the Out-of-Doors, by Michael F. Mordell, include this history: The house was built in 1953, in the then-new residential area of the Town of Southern Shores. At the end of World War II, Frank Stick and two partners purchased a 2,600 acre tract of land north of Kitty Hawk for $30,000. Frank named the area Southern Shores, and he and his son David laid out a mater plan for the town. However, the lots didn’t sell, so Stick built himself a house using a new architectural design created to withstand our extreme weather. The design featured a flat top roof, beach sand-and-mortar building blocks, extended overhangs, and whitewashed exterior. They became a popular building style here, which persisted until the mid 1960’s.

After the property was gifted to our Community Foundation in 2007, the board of directors established the Flat Top Preservation Fund, to ensure that repairs to the house would be in keeping with the original design and materials, as much as possible. Anyone can make gifts to this fund using the drop-down menu at, or by sending a check to the Community Foundation with “Flat Top Fund” in the memo field.

The June 1921 issue of Our State Magazine includes an article on historic coastal architecture and features several Frank Stick flat top cottages, including our cottage at 13 Skyline Road.

In 2020, the board of directors commissioned a painting of our cottage by James Melvin, Sr., and created prints for donors, as a way to recognize and thank Legacy members. If you would like to find out about these prints, and our David Stick Legacy Society, we invite you to visit this page and call us at 252-261-8839.

First Flight High School OBCF Scholarship Recipients Announced

These happy faces are going places! From left to right (click the pic to see it in its entirety), our first 2021 Community Foundation scholarship recipients are James Myers, Jr.; Ethan Thorn; Lydia Surprenant; Cassie Honeycutt; Wallace Piland, IV; Savannah Sawin; Aiden Beard; Jacob Thomas; and Ivanna Gonzalez-Sanchez. More than $31,000 in first-year scholarship awards from your Community Foundation were presented at First Flight High School’s Awards Night on May 17.

Representatives from the Community Foundation, Dare County Sheriff’s office, Duck’s Woods Ladies Golf Association, and Outer Banks Association of Realtors were on hand to distribute award letters to these rising college freshmen.

The funds behind last night’s awards are the Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship (renewable), Robert E. Rollason, Jr. Scholarship, Frank M. Cahoon Scholarship, Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship, Sawyer Scholarship (renewable), Jerry & Arlene Davis Scholarship (renewable), OBX Scholars Fund (renewable), Rex Sample Scholarship for Courage and Determination, Glenn & Pat Eure Scholarship for Arts Education (renewable), Dare County Fire Officers Association Scholarship, and the Duck Woods Ladies Golf Association Founders Scholarship.

Congratulations, students and THANK YOU, fund establishers!

Thanking Fund Establishers and Lorelei Costa for COVID-19 Grants

COVID was a ‘disaster’ few saw coming or were prepared for. Many nonprofits were faced with daunting challenges, including more requests for services, curtailed programs, cancelled fundraisers, closed offices, and stringent staff, volunteer, and client safety protocols. We’re going to shine a light on several of our nonprofit partners in the coming days, as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for all they did for our community during this tough time. First for our gratitude, though, is Lorelei Costa. She sprang into action, working with our board to initiate the COVID Rapid Response Grants program. More than $350,000 was granted to 19 nonprofits to support their services to clients. She will always be remembered for her generous spirit, her can-do-it-iveness, and her unflagging energy. Also #1 in our hearts, we thank all the generous folks who established the 29 funds that contributed to COVID Rapid Response Grants:

2020 Fund for the Outer Banks

Adams Family Fund

Adams/Brown Fund for Animals

All God’s Creatures Fund

Annual Advice 5K Turkey Trot Fund

Aycock Brown Memorial Fund

Birindelli Family Fund

Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Arts Fund

Children & Youth Fund

Community Fund

COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Fund

Cowell Gratitude Grant-Making Fund

Victor & Catherine D. Meekins Memorial Fund

David Aycock Loy Memorial Fund

Diane and Nelson Henderson Endowment Fund

Disaster Response Endowment Fund

Donna Designs Fund for Children and the Environment

Dorothy Scott Townsend Fletcher Memorial Fund

Elliott-Sawyer Family Fund

Hatteras Fund

John H. Whitehead Memorial Fund

Little, Owens, & BB&T Fund

Milton A. Jewell Grant Fund

Ocracoke Fund

Pauline Wright Endowment for Dare County Individuals with Special Needs

Pauline Wright Endowment for Educational and Developmental Needs in Currituck

Schiffman Fund for Animals

Shirley & David Doran Memorial Fund

Simpson-Sharp-Oakes Fund


 We are honored to manage more than 200 funds for our community. If you would like to know more about creating a fund to honor a loved one, pass on your values, or just to give something back to a truly special place, please call us. Thanks, Outer Banks! 


Renewable Scholarships Fund Four Years of School for Deserving Local Students

With 57 scholarship programs, there is plenty of variety for local high school seniors who are seeking help getting to college, including choice of schools, academic concentration, merit- or need-based, and more. The Outer Banks Community Foundation and its fund establishers, volunteer board, and committee members have invested a lot of time to ensure that scholarships are given to the most deserving, hard-working, and focused students. Scholarship fund goals are to help students succeed in school, and in life, and we feel our scholarship programs provide vital support and affirmation at a critical time.

In 2020, the Community Foundation board, after careful research and reflection, decided that all newly-created scholarship funds, with the exception of funds for partner programs, would be renewable. Their reasons for making this change are compelling:

  • Renewable scholarships mean more money per student, over the course of four years, which yields a bigger impact for each recipient
  • Renewability addresses front-loading concerns (a common practice at many, if not most, colleges and universities) because it allows awards to be carried over
  • Administration is reduced, meaning money in goes out the door and to students

Here are four stories that describe where college students are in their school careers—and on their paths through life. As you will read, renewable scholarships have made a profound difference.

Milton A. Jewell Academic Scholarship recipient – Isabel Estes, First Flight High School Class of 2019

Isabel Estes is a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill, where she is studying English and Comparative Literature and Communications. She wrote, “Being among the first in my family to try going to college, or to go to Carolina, feels like trailblazing, almost. It’s like a leap in a completely different direction from most of the rest of my family. It’s been challenging to find my own path in that respect.”

Isabel also said, “Above all else, I’d like to express my eternal gratitude to the OBCF and the donors that have afforded me such a life-changing opportunity. I simply cannot express how grateful I am, how my heart feels as if it could burst with love and appreciation for the community I am so fortunate to be a part of. I hope to begin paying it back by making good on my intention to embrace the opportunities afforded to me by a college education, but also to pour what love and light I can back into this community. Thank you, from the bottom of my joyous heart, for taking the time to read the words I’ve written, and thank you for all you do to nurture our community.”

The Milton A. Jewel Academic Scholarship is a four-year, renewable scholarship with a potential value of $24,000.  The fund was established by our Community Foundation in 2003 with a bequest from Ruth Medgyes, a former Southern Shores resident, who wanted to honor her grandfather and help Dare County students attend college. Students are selected based on academic standing, SAT scores, community service, extracurricular activities, demonstrated leadership, two essay questions, and an interview. Financial need may also be considered. This scholarship is available to Dare County high school seniors and is renewable for up to four years, so long as the student maintains full-time enrollment and a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Jerry and Arlene Davis Scholarship recipient – Vanessa Salazar, Manteo High School Class of 2018

Vanessa Salazar is a rising senior at East Carolina University, where she is working toward a degree in Recreation Therapy. A 2018 graduate from Manteo High School, Vanessa transferred from Appalachian State to ECU after her sophomore year. The Jerry and Arlene Davis Scholarship has supported her throughout.

Vanessa recently wrote, “I am glad I made the decision to transfer to East Carolina University and pursue my Bachelors in Recreational Therapy with a minor in psychology. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am where I am now due to fate and hard work. Next fall I will enter my senior year at ECU and I honestly cannot believe how fast time went by. I am almost there! I want to take this time to thank the Outer Banks Community Foundation for aiding me financially during these past years. This help has greatly alleviated my concern of how I was going to pay my own way through college. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Thank you.”

Established in 2007, the Jerry and Arlene Davis Scholarship is a renewable award for graduating seniors from Manteo High School or First Flight High School who demonstrate a positive work ethic and history. In 2018, the annual award for new graduates was increased to $6,000, providing a potential benefit of $24,000 per student. This need-based scholarship targets students who worked throughout high school and who plan to continue to work through college. The intent of this scholarship is to help students achieve educational dreams that might not otherwise be possible.

OBX Scholars Program Scholarship recipient – Carlos Daniel Escobar-Roldan, Hatteras Secondary School Class of 2018

Carlos, a Hatteras Secondary School graduate, is a rising senior at Appalachian State University. His major is Electronic Media and Broadcasting. He’s spent his junior year at home, and has had to purchase video equipment to do coursework remotely. Carlos works odd jobs while in school and will work over the summer to help with costs. His current course load is 19 hours, including an internship, which are all going well. “I’m enjoying my internship and gaining lots of valuable experience. I’ve edited a handful of videos that have been and are being televised in the Boone, NC area.”

Carlos continued, “Even though it’s been a very different school year, I’m still trying to get the most out of it. I’m really excited to return to campus this following semester and live off campus too for that experience. Thank you for your help so far!”

The OBX Scholars Program is a four-year, renewable scholarship with a potential $16,000 benefit. Established in 2017, the OBX Scholars Program is the Community Foundation’s broadest scholarship program, helping deserving Dare County and Ocracoke students of all backgrounds, interests, and academic goals attend the college of their dreams. Many different donors contribute to this fund, or have contributed to this fund in the past, including the Outer Banks Woman’s Club, Ocracoke Island Realty, Village Realty, the Kiwanis Club in memory of Leo Sheetz, and the Dare County Outer Banks Jaycees.


Charles H. and Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship recipient Enrique Babilonia, Hatteras Secondary School Class of 2018

Enrique is studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been helped by several scholarships, including the four-year, renewable Charles H. and Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship.

Enrique wrote, “Attending Berklee College of Music has been challenging, frustrating, and at times overwhelming, but most of all, very rewarding. Being at Berklee has made me realize my deepest passions, and has given me every opportunity to optimize them. One of those things is trumpet performance. Just this year alone, I have played in more musical groups than I can count, ranging from film, pit and studio orchestras, jazz combos, wind ensembles, reggae bands, mariachi and salsa groups, and even a Justin Timberlake cover band. All of these groups, along with great resources to practice as much as I need to, have put me on a path to very exciting professional opportunities as I seek to make a living as a musician. However, if you look, my major is not listed as trumpet performance, but Composition. That is because while here, I discovered a very strong passion in writing music for the screen. This includes scoring for film, television, ads, radio, and any other things people do that can involve music.”

“Above all, this year has just been a very eventful one. I discovered new hobbies (like photography and cooking), rediscovered old ones (reading novels and drawing), and have found myself becoming much more extroverted and adventurous. I can’t thank you enough for all the continued support you’ve given me not just financially, but emotionally…I am and forever will be grateful for all you’ve done for me, as none of this would be possible without you!”

The Charles H. and Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship is a four-year, renewable scholarship with a potential benefit of $14,000. This program was established in 1998 through a bequest by Mrs. Luedemann to encourage talented Dare County students to pursue a college education in the arts, including music, visual arts, creative writing, or performing arts. This merit-based scholarship is renewable for up to four years, as long as the student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA and remains full-time in college as an arts major.

College is full of changes, challenges, and demands, where young adults learn a great deal about life and strive to set their future course. We are honored to steward 57 scholarship programs for our community. We are committed to a fair, impartial process for all applicants. We would love to help every student who applies, and to that end, we will continue to work to build our scholarship funds. We are deeply grateful to every scholarship fund establisher. Scholarship funds can be established with as little as $1,000 in the initial year; if you are interested in learning more about creating a fund to honor someone, or to pass on your values to future generations, please give us a call. We would be honored to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Donations Welcome to Barbara Barnes Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund

We are honored to accept donations in memory of Barbara Barnes Sherman, a beloved schoolteacher, friend, mother, and wife. Gifts in her memory will be added to the Barbara Barnes Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund, which will help local students pursuing higher education. Click here for Barbara Sherman’s obituary. We express our heartfelt condolences to Barbara’s family. Gifts to this fund will honor her values and will steward her legacy of loving, caring, and learning.





Community Foundation Announces Manteo Rotary Club Sonny Albarty Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Manteo Rotary Club has established a new scholarship fund, the Manteo Rotary Club Sonny Albarty Memorial Scholarship Fund, at the Outer Banks Community Foundation. The fund honors Roanoke Island native Jefferson “Sonny” Lee Albarty V, an avid outdoorsman and inspiration to many, who passed away at the age of 18 in July, 2020. The new scholarship fund will provide scholarships to graduating Manteo High School and Wanchese Christian Academy seniors, and to Dare County home-schooled students with GED credentials.

Seeded with proceeds from Manteo Rotary’s October 2020 Inshore Slam Fishing Tournament and generous, initial contributions from Sonny’s friends, family members, and individual Rotarians, the endowment will grow over the years to provide academic assistance to local students for generations to come. Anyone can contribute to this fund by mailing a check to the Community Foundation or by donating online at and selecting the Manteo Rotary Club Sonny Albarty Memorial Scholarship Fund from the pull-down funds list.

“Sonny Albarty was a courageous young man and dedicated sportsman who left us too soon. Our club is proud to support the effort to build a memorial fund to support a scholarship in his name,” said Sandy Martin, Co-President of the Manteo Rotary Club. “The criteria we will use to select Sonny Albarty scholarship recipients will reflect his love of the outdoors and a career based on that interest. The selection process involves interviews by a committee of Manteo Rotarians.”

The new scholarship fund is structured as a perpetual endowment, which means that the principal of the fund will remain invested, while the earnings will be awarded each year to worthy Dare County students in the form of college scholarships. The fund is one of 57 scholarship endowments stewarded by the Community Foundation, and one of six managed in partnership with Manteo Rotary, alongside the Percy W. & Elizabeth G. Meekins Scholarship Fund, Manteo Rotary Scholarship Fund, the F.C. Minton Fund,  Jeannette U. McOwen Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Kellogg Cuthrell Scholarship Fund.

“We are honored to partner again with the Manteo Rotary Club in establishing a new scholarship fund that will provide scholarships for deserving Dare County students,” said Bob Muller, the Community Foundation’s Interim Executive Director. “As the cost of college continues to rise, it is amazing to see generous leaders in our community step up to help our local students achieve their dreams and build their futures.”

Rotary joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations to exchange ideas and take action for communities around the world. The Rotary Club of Manteo was chartered in 1937 and is one of over 35,000 Rotary clubs worldwide. The club conducts the INSHORE SLAM Fishing Tournament to raise funds for scholarships and other projects that benefit our community; information about the tournament can be found at Manteo Rotary meets at 6:00 pm monthly on the first and third Mondays (virtually for now) at The Hungry Pelican Restaurant in Manteo.

The Community Foundation manages 57 different scholarship programs and expects to award about $178,000 to local students in 2021. Scholarships range from one-time awards of $1,000, to four-year awards totaling $24,000. Manteo Rotary Club will handle the scholarship application and award processes for the new Sonny Albarty Memorial Scholarship.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization that connects people who care with causes that matter. Based in a historic flat top cottage in Southern Shores, the Community Foundation manages $22 million across more than 200 charitable funds for individuals and agencies, awards grants to local nonprofits, administers 57 scholarship programs, and provides tailored services to help donors pursue their charitable interests. Since its inception in 1982, the Community Foundation has awarded more than $12 million in grants and scholarships to local nonprofits and students. 


Your Giving. Your Community. Your Community Foundation Annual Report.

2020 was a year like no other, and your Community Foundation’s 2020 Annual Report shares numbers that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Because of your generosity, in 2020 the Outer Banks Community Foundation distributed $1.8 million in grants and scholarships—over $180,000 in scholarships to 74 local students, and $1.6 million in grants to dozens of vital, local nonprofits.

Behind the numbers is a story about a student who wanted to be a nurse. She is on her path now, because you made it happen. Behind those numbers are disposable diapers—yes, Drive Through Diapers, no less. When families with infant children needed diapers, you made sure they could get them, for free, without leaving their cars.

Dig into those numbers and you find the neighbors and friends who helped us provide food in the pandemic and who helped rebuild homes and lives torn apart by Hurricane Dorian. Behind the numbers are tutoring and child care programs, mental health services, gardens for peace, arts for healing, and much, much more.

We hope you enjoy the stories about legacy gifts, new funds established, grants distributed, and, above all, community members whose generosity and caring have made our Outer Banks a better place for everyone. THANK YOU for all you do, year in and year out. VIEW THE ANNUAL REPORT HERE.

New Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund Established at Community Foundation

The Outer Banks Community Foundation announces the creation of a new scholarship fund, the Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund honors William H. “Bill” Jones, a resident of Kitty Hawk for nearly 40 years, who passed away in October, 2020. The new scholarship fund will ultimately provide scholarships for graduating Currituck and Dare County high school seniors, and to Dare County home-schooled students with GED credentials, to attend Bill’s Alma Mater, N.C. State.

While the scholarship fund was created with initial contributions from Bill’s friends and family members, Bill’s friends have created an annual golf tournament that will celebrate Bill and raise money each year for the scholarship program. The First Annual Bill Jones Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on May 13 at Sea Scape Golf Links in Kitty Hawk. More information about this event can be found on Facebook.

The Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund will grow over the years and will provide financial assistance to college-bound local students for generations to come. Anyone can contribute to this fund by mailing a check to the Community Foundation or by donating online at, and selecting the Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund is one of 57 scholarship endowments stewarded by the Community Foundation.

“We are honored to partner with Bill’s wife, Tamara, and their many friends in establishing a new scholarship fund to provide scholarships for deserving Currituck and Dare County students,” said Bob Muller, the Community Foundation’s Interim Executive Director. “Bill was known for putting others ahead of himself; this new fund promises to inspire future learners to believe in themselves and to perpetuate a legacy of giving back.”

“Bill was passionate about spending time on the golf course with friends, and he organized several tournaments over the years to benefit his beloved Wolf Pack,” said Bill’s wife, Tamara Jones. “Helping kids get to N.C. State, and playing golf for a good cause are fitting tributes to a man who took every opportunity to mentor friends, lend a hand, and help a neighbor. Bill would have loved this, and would have wanted us to take it a step further and invite folks to sponsor a hole, donate a raffle prize, or make plans to join us on the greens.”

The Community Foundation expects to award about $178,000 to local students in 2021. Scholarships range from one-time awards of $1,000, to four-year awards totaling $24,000.