The David Stick Legacy Society honors those individuals who have named the Outer Banks Community Foundation as the beneficiary of any type of planned or deferred gift. The name honors David Stick (above), the venerable man with the vision of establishing the Community Foundation in 1982. Like Mr. Stick’s enduring commitment to our community, your planned gift to the Outer Banks Community Foundation will have meaning and impact for countless years to come.

Why Join

We invite any person who has remembered the Community Foundation through a will, trust, or other planned gift to join the David Stick Legacy Society. Involvement in the Legacy Society gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of others who, like you, care about the long-term future of our community. We hold regular, exclusive events for our Legacy members, and recognize them in publications like our annual report and at events like our annual meeting.

You can always choose to remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, participation in the Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience, and we believe that your participation may encourage others to join you in planning a gift for our community’s future.

How to Join

Simply include the Community Foundation in your estate plans (you may use this form), and let us know that you have done so. With that, your membership in the Legacy Society is enduring.

How to plan your gift to the Community Foundation? Many Legacy donors choose to give by bequest, perhaps a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of their estate. Others leave the residue of their estate. You can find sample bequest language here.

There is no minimum amount for your planned gift. Legacy gifts have ranged from $1,000 to multi-million dollar amounts. No gift is too small — or too large.

While bequests are the most common planned gift we receive, there are many other options available to you. Some options may qualify for current-year tax benefits, including gifts of life insurance and charitable remainder trusts. Read our webpage on What to Give, and Ways to Give, and contact your professional advisor for help in selecting the giving technique that will work best for you.

Legacy members can designate their estate gifts for scholarships, for a specific organization, or for a type of charitable cause (e.g., children, the arts). You can use your Legacy gift to establish a new fund (if the size requirements are met) or to augment any of our existing funds.

We Respect Your Privacy

Many donors designate a planned gift to the Community Foundation without ever telling us during their lifetimes. Others have shared their plans with us and have instructed us to maintain their anonymity. We are dedicated to following your wishes and respecting your privacy.

We do not ask our donors how much they intend to give. But if you are open to doing so, we do encourage you to discuss your charitable wishes with us to make sure we can comply with your instructions.

We will never share your contact information with other organizations.

If desired, please contact us for a copy of our confidentiality policy.


Our Legacy Members

Jack L. Adams
Nancey H. Atkinson
Louise Baraw
Alyson Belvin
Barbara A. Bingham
James B. Birindelli
Nancy B. Birindelli
Marcy Brenner
Allison Brown
Scott Brown
* Catharine L. Bryan
* Donald W. Bryan
* R. Stewart Couch
Carol Cowell
*Edward Cowell
* Moncie L. Daniels
Arlene Davis
Jerry Davis
David Dixon
Jean-Louise Dixon
* David Doran
* Shirley Doran
Maureen Rose Ducker
* A.W. Fletcher
Helen E. Ford
*Paul L. Ford
Astrid Franz
* Jewell Graves
*Edward L. Greene
Doreen Hamblet
*Braxton Hall
Charles Hardy
Kelli Harmon
Bobby Harrell
Deloris Harrell
Avery Harrison
* Diane D. Henderson
* Nelson H. Henderson
* Charles Edgar Hill
Richard Hines, III
Marilyn Hinson
Reid Hinson
Eden E. Honeycutt
Gregory A. Honeycutt
Roger K. Jacobs
Judith S. Ihle
* Fred I. Jones
Mary Ann Jones
Rick Jones
Tamara Jones
Ann Kaplan
* Martin Kellogg
Michael W. Kelly

Willo Jean Kelly
Beth Kenton
Jon Kenton
Richard M. Lacerre
Kurt M. Loos
Neil E. Loy
* Dorothy Luedemann
* Ruth Medgyes
* Louis Midgette
Bob Muller
Brant Murray
* Josephine Oden
* Kenneth W. Oden
* Edward J. Olsen
Teresa Osborne
Janet Owen
Monica Parker
Robert Parker
Gloria Perry
* Helen Petty
Bonnie Pfennighaus
Gary Reed
Lainie Reed
Frances K. Reeves
Michael C. Reeves
* Jean Reichmann
Tina J. Richardson
Sherry Rollason
Dr. Burt H. Rubin
*Howell Revier Shearouse, Jr.
David Shufflebarger
Patti Shufflebarger
Sybil Skakle
JoAnn Small
William Small
Marisa M. M. Smith
* Diane Baum St. Clair
* David Stick
MaryAnn Toboz
John Marshall Toll
Robert Toth
Ruth Toth
William M. Vaughan
Elizabeth Jane Webster
* Sterling F. Webster, III
Kaye White
Peregrine White
W. Ray White
Jo H. Whitehead
Jo Williams
Phillip S. Woodruff
* Pauline Wright
Joe Zoll
Patsy Zoll

* Deceased

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