We are so very grateful to our Life Members, who donated at special giving levels early in the Community Foundation history.

Life Benefactors (One-Time Donations of $20,000 or more)

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Burch
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Griffith
Lishon Corporation
Louis Midgett
Emma Neal Morrison
Dr. and Mrs. John Tietjen

Life Donors (One-Time Donation of $5,000 – $19,999)

Ace Hardware
Thomas B. Daniels
Earl Slick Family Foundation
David Enochs
Dawn Enochs
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Griffith
Germaine Haserat
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kenton
Outer Banks Home Builders Association
Outrigger Corporation/Spencer Yachts
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pokelwaldt

Life Anchor & Anchor Plus Members ($2,500+ over Five Years)

Ammons Dare Corporation
Atlantic Realty
Bank of America
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Beacham
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Booth
Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd
Marcelle Brenner
Keith Brightbill
Buck Island
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burden
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Burgun
Centura Bank & Trust Division
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cliborne
Coastal Beverage
Lorelei Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Cowell, Jr.
Crystal Dawn Corp./Theme Fifty
Nancy Darr
Gary Dunstan
Ina Evans Ernst
Farmer’s Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Foreman
Kurt Loos and Astrid Franz
Gateway Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gillam
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Griffith
Charles E. Hardy
Hardy Moving & Storage
Harrell & Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Peebles Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hazlett
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Henderson
Dorothy Hester
Mr. and Mrs. John High
Greg Honeycutt
Eden Honeycutt
Island Art Gallery
Jolly Roger Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. William Kealy
Kelly Management Group
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kenton
John Kirchmier, III
Kitty Hawk Sports
John R. Laughlin
Amber Lycan and Michael Spivey
Glen Y. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muller
Bobbie Murray
Brant Murray
Terry Vander Myde
Nags Head Hammocks
Nags Head Raceway
Ocean Atlantic Rentals
Ocracoke Fire Protection Association
Josephine A. Oden
Outer Banks Chrysler
Outer Banks Contractors
Outer Banks Orthopedics
Outer Banks Trading Post
Owens Motel & Restaurant
Linda Porter
Susan Pritchett
Professional Opticians
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Reeves
RBC Bank
RPC Contracting
Sam & Omie’s Restaurant
Shear Genius
Sound Feet Shoes
Southern Bank
Southern Insurance Agency
Stack’em High Pancakes & So Forth of Kill Devil Hills
Stan White Realty & Construction
Nancy and Taylor Sugg
Carole Sykes and Terry Dixon
T-Shirt Whirl
The Blue Point
Chris Toolan
Village Realty & Management Services
Visante of Virginia
Wachovia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Warfield
Todd and Karen Warlitner
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Webster
Wee Winks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells
Western Sizzlin
Mr. and Mrs. John Woolard, Jr.
Stephanie C.K. Woolard and John H. Woolard, Sr.

Life Members (One-Time $500 Donations Before 1995)

Jack L. Adams
Robert W. Andrews
Roy A. Archbell, Jr.
Peggy Birkemeier
Bettie K. Blanchard
I.T. Blanchard, III
Troy T. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brengle
Miles W. Davis, Jr.
David Enochs
Dawn Enochs
Cashar W. Evans, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Harrell
Jackie R. Harrison
Natalie Hastings
William E. Hollan, Jr.
Ray E. Hollowell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Littleton Hudgins
Susan W. Jernigan
Veda Jones
Hubert Reid Jones
Dr. Robert J. Kastner
Michael Kelly
Charles G. Koyiades
Richard Lacerre
Dr. J. Randall Latta
Dixie Griffith Lust
Roger P. Meekins
Goldie H. Meekins
Emma Neal Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oden
Josephine A. Oden
Julia Stuart Peters
Dr. Jerry C. Pickrel
Dr. Marshall S. Redding
John C. Schleter
Norman Shearin, Jr.
Earl Slick
Michael A. Stick
John A. Watkins
Thomas L. White, Jr.
John H. Weisbrod
Barbara W. Williams-Gudaski
Jerry Wright