The Outer Banks Community Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations to help meet local needs and to enrich the quality of life for all people in the Outer Banks.

Currently, the Community Foundation awards four types of grants. Please read below for more information on our grant-making programs.

Community Enrichment Grants

The Community Foundation awards quarterly Community Enrichment Grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations on a competitive basis. Community Enrichment Grants can be used for any kind of charitable project benefiting the Outer Banks, including animal welfare, arts and culture, children/youth, disaster relief/mitigation, education, the environment, health, historic preservation, and other human services.

Nonprofits must submit an online application in order to be considered for a Community Enrichment Grant. Application deadlines are typically the last Friday of January, April, July, and October. For more information about Community Enrichment Grants, please visit our guidelines page and our FAQ page.

Rapid Response Grants

Periodically, in times of crisis, the Community Foundation may initiate a Rapid Response Grant Program to support nonprofit organizations on a proactive and/or competitive basis, as urgent needs arise. Rapid Response Grants may follow a natural disaster (e.g., hurricanes) or may be initiated during other times of community-wide need. Click here for more information.

Designated Grants

The Community Foundation provides Designated Grants once each year to organizations with named funds. For more information on how to establish a fund for your organization, please visit our Create a Fund page.

Donor-Advised Grants

The Outer Banks Community Foundation also awards grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations upon the recommendation of donors with donor-advised funds.

Donor-advised grants are not limited to the Outer Banks, nor by our Community Enrichment Grants criteria, so long as the recipient is a 501(c)3 organization. We may also award donor-advised grants to other tax-exempt organizations for charitable projects that meet a public need, in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Currently, none of the Community Foundation’s donor-advised funds are accepting unsolicited applications.

The Community Foundation invites feedback on its grants program, and welcomes comments from any nonprofit in any stage of the grants process. To submit feedback anonymously, use this online questionnaire. Your comments, concerns, praise, and criticism will help us become a better grant-maker for our community. This survey will be open indefinitely, and you can respond multiple times, now and/or in the future. If you would rather give feedback directly, please call our staff at 252-261-8839.