Help Your Neighbors Recover from Dorian

One month ago, Hurricane Dorian hit the Outer Banks and Ocracoke with a vengeance. It is now clear that private philanthropy will be a main lifeline for our neighbors who were devastated by this storm.

We cannot let our neighbors face this hardship alone. It’s time for us to help our neighbors.

Can you make a gift today to help our neighbors recover from this ruinous storm? Our friends have lost their furniture, their medications, their appliances, their vehicles, their homes—even their jobs.

The needs on Ocracoke are particularly severe. On Ocracoke alone, more than 2,000 homes were damaged by the storm, including 50 that were destroyed, and another 100 that sustained devastating damage. A full 40% of Ocracoke residents have been displaced by Dorian. Even worse, many folks are without income, because so many businesses were damaged and closed.

We can help our neighbors rebuild. And so many have helped already. More than 4,600 families and businesses have contributed so far. From lemonade stands to corporate donations to individual gifts, our community has been so generous—yet the needs are still more immense.

How does it work? While the Outer Banks Community Foundation is collecting the financial gifts, our nonprofit partners are on the ground, supporting storm victims, reviewing applications for assistance, and distributing funds.

Disaster Relief Funds are being used for a variety of needs. We are helping storm victims with temporary shelter, home repairs, supplies, furniture, appliances, food, and other necessities. For those who are unemployed now because of the storm, our funds will be used even more broadly—for rent, for example, groceries, medical bills, and other expenses.

In short, the Disaster Relief Fund will rebuild our Outer Banks. With your help.

It’s time for neighbors to help neighbors. If you have given already to the Disaster Relief Fund, thank you so much for your gift. But if you have not yet contributed, we urge you to donate now to help our neighbors recover from this ruinous storm.

Thank you so much for your generosity.


Questions? Want more info? Check out our Dorian FAQ Page.