Finance Manager Jeff Dippold Retires from Outer Banks Community Foundation

           Jeff Dippold

After more than three years of dedicated service, Jeff Dippold is leaving the Outer Banks Community Foundation for more relaxation, travel, and hobbies in a new role that many refer to as “retirement.” We feel very fortunate to have benefitted from his service to our Foundation, which has been marked by hard work, keen observations, and clear-headed financial acumen.

Jeff was volunteering with the Ocracoke Fire Department when we first met him. It was right after Hurricane Dorian, and the Fire Station had become a focal point for relief efforts for Ocracoke residents.

The Community Foundation needed a nonprofit partner on the island to disburse hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations while ensuring confidentiality, that priority cases were served first, and that all other sources of revenue had been explored. Jeff and other leaders at the Ocracoke Fire Protection Association, through their partnership with the Community Foundation and with Jeff providing a pivotal accounting role, contributed immensely to support relief efforts during that time.

Several months later, when the Community Foundation’s Finance Manager position became open, it was apparent that Jeff would be an amazing asset to our team.

Jeff’s background in corporate finance and accounting with Bank of America and his passion for community service were strengths that were immediately called into play at the Community Foundation. During his tenure, Jeff enhanced finance reports for the oversight committee and board of directors and oversaw a system-wide conversion to an integrated donations, grants, and finance processes platform. He also led the Finance Committee in developing a complex sustainability model to preserve both future grant-making and Community Foundation operations. Once the model was approved, Jeff oversaw its implementation.

“I would like to state my gratitude and thanks for the three great years that Jeff shared his talent with us at the Community Foundation,” said Finance Committee Chair Packy Regan. “I appreciate his zeal for making The Foundation better than he found it, and for the support he gave me personally during my tenure with the Finance Committee.”