Manteo High School Seniors Awarded $39,300 in Scholarships

L-R top row: Alonah Austin, Ella Gardiner, Ivy Godwin, Kevin Gonzalez-Herrera
L-R 2nd row: Jeni Hooper, Briana Lee, Kyla Mallory, Maggie Miller
L-R 3rd row: Rachel Oesting, Ebony Orgsbon, Carlee Paramore, Fernanda Perez-Chavarria
L-R bottom row: Delany Swain, Peyton Turner, Colson Walker, Kiana Willis

Sixteen Manteo School seniors are attending college this fall with support from local scholarship fund establishers and donors. Eighteen 2023 scholarship awards for these sixteen students total $39,300. Eleven of the eighteen scholarships are renewable, making the potential total investment in these students $126,900 over the next four years.

2023 Manteo High School Scholarship recipients are:

Alonah Austin


Curtis Creech Memorial Scholarship
Ella Gardiner


Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship
Ivy Godwin


Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Gonzalez-Herrera


SAGA Community Focus Scholarship Fund
Jeni Hooper

$7,500/$6,000 renewable

Howell Revier Shearouse Jr Scholarship ($5,000 renewable)                                Bill Jones Memorial Scholarship  ($1,000 renewable)                                      Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship
Briana Lee


Outer Banks Association of Realtors Scholarship
Kyla Mallory


Mabel O. Cooper Scholarship Fund
Maggie Miller


Best Family Scholarship Fund
Rachel Oesting


Dare County Association of Fire Officers Scholarship Fund in Memory of Douglas A. Remaley
Ebony Orgsbon


Jerry & Arlene Davis Scholarship
Carlee Paramore


Frank M. Cahoon Memorial Scholarship
Fernanda Perez-Chavarria


Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Art Scholarship Fund
Delany Swain


Lillian W. Riddick Scholarship for Nurses
Peyton Turner


Wallace H. McCown Memorial Scholarship
Colson Walker


Milton A. Jewell Scholarship Fund
Kiana Willis


Osborne Scholarship Fund

The awards were presented at Manteo High School Awards Night on April 24. Congratulations to these students! Thank you, scholarship fund establishers and contributors, for supporting these students in their quests for college educations.

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