Community Foundation Announces New SAGA Community Focus Scholarship

Sumit Gupta, President, SAGA Community Focus

Dare and Currituck County graduating high school seniors have a new, renewable scholarship opportunity beginning in 2023 – the SAGA Community Focus Scholarship, a fund established in late 2022 by SAGA Community Focus (SCF), the charitable arm of SAGA Realty and Construction.

The SAGA Community Focus Scholarship will award a minimum of $1,000 award each year, renewable for up to four years as long as the student maintains good grades and full-time enrollment. Preference for this scholarship award will be given to students seeking majors directed toward building construction or engineering or acquiring technical skills in fields such as plumbing, electrical, heating and air, carpentry, and welding.

“SAGA Construction is honored to partner with the Outer Banks Community Foundation to further enhance our commitment to the community we call home,” said Sumit Gupta, SCF President.  “SAGA is dedicated to building dreams in the Outer Banks for our clients and with this endowment, we will continue to create a legacy for talented and deserving high school students to build their own dreams. We are excited to meet the exceptional students who can use their talents for the continued growth and advancement within our community.”

“We are thrilled that a new SAGA Community Focus scholarship will be awarded to students beginning in 2023,” said Community Foundation President and CEO Chris Sawin. “The new fund is structured to award scholarships to Dare and Currituck students in engineering and building disciplines for generations to come.”

The new fund’s principal is invested which means the fund will continue to grow even as scholarships are awarded annually. Endowment funds have been created over the years by individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits, civic groups, and government agencies for causes they are passionate about. Funds memorialize loved ones, and some direct a variety of grants each year, support a favorite issue or charity, award scholarships, and more.