Everyone agrees: College costs continue to rise, while public grant aid is declining.

We can help our local students attend college and become the community leaders of tomorrow.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation manages 70 scholarship funds for families, businesses, civic organizations, nonprofits, individuals, and groups across our region. Since 1982 we have awarded more than $2 million in scholarships to over 1,600 local students, people who today are teachers, engineers, social workers, business owners, and artists–and much more.

You can help our local students achieve their dreams. When you establish a scholarship fund with the Outer Banks Community Foundation, you can choose the name of the scholarship, the eligibility criteria, and the award amount. The Community Foundation administers and manages all fiscal aspects of the fund — and, if you wish, the application, selection, and award processes as well.

For more information on fund minimums, the application and selection process, administrative fees, endowed vs. non-endowed funds, contributing to your fund, etc., please read our hand-out for prospective scholarship donors: Scholarship Guide for New Donors. Or, contact our office to set up an informational appointment.

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