Thanking Fund Establishers and Lorelei Costa for COVID-19 Grants

COVID was a ‘disaster’ few saw coming or were prepared for. Many nonprofits were faced with daunting challenges, including more requests for services, curtailed programs, cancelled fundraisers, closed offices, and stringent staff, volunteer, and client safety protocols. We’re going to shine a light on several of our nonprofit partners in the coming days, as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for all they did for our community during this tough time. First for our gratitude, though, is Lorelei Costa. She sprang into action, working with our board to initiate the COVID Rapid Response Grants program. More than $350,000 was granted to 19 nonprofits to support their services to clients. She will always be remembered for her generous spirit, her can-do-it-iveness, and her unflagging energy. Also #1 in our hearts, we thank all the generous folks who established the 29 funds that contributed to COVID Rapid Response Grants:

2020 Fund for the Outer Banks

Adams Family Fund

Adams/Brown Fund for Animals

All God’s Creatures Fund

Annual Advice 5K Turkey Trot Fund

Aycock Brown Memorial Fund

Birindelli Family Fund

Charles H. & Dorothy S. Luedemann Arts Fund

Children & Youth Fund

Community Fund

COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Fund

Cowell Gratitude Grant-Making Fund

Victor & Catherine D. Meekins Memorial Fund

David Aycock Loy Memorial Fund

Diane and Nelson Henderson Endowment Fund

Disaster Response Endowment Fund

Donna Designs Fund for Children and the Environment

Dorothy Scott Townsend Fletcher Memorial Fund

Elliott-Sawyer Family Fund

Hatteras Fund

John H. Whitehead Memorial Fund

Little, Owens, & BB&T Fund

Milton A. Jewell Grant Fund

Ocracoke Fund

Pauline Wright Endowment for Dare County Individuals with Special Needs

Pauline Wright Endowment for Educational and Developmental Needs in Currituck

Schiffman Fund for Animals

Shirley & David Doran Memorial Fund

Simpson-Sharp-Oakes Fund


 We are honored to manage more than 200 funds for our community. If you would like to know more about creating a fund to honor a loved one, pass on your values, or just to give something back to a truly special place, please call us. Thanks, Outer Banks!