Dare Sheriff’s Camp S.A.L.T. Program Awarded Outer Banks Community Foundation Grant

The Outer Banks Community Foundation has awarded a grant to the Dare County Sheriff’s Office to purchase equipment for their Camp S.A.L.T. summer camp program. Camp S.A.L.T. is a summer camp that is held at the Sheriff’s Office Alpine Tower for 8 weeks each summer. Campers participate in various activities during the camp, including field trips to local attractions, swimming and fishing. The centerpiece of the camp is the exposure to the Alpine Tower. The Tower is a freestanding 50 foot tall structure that provides unique challenges and team building experiences for campers. Campers, assisted by certified instructors, climb various parts of the Tower, while fellow campers assist the instructors. Campers learn to depend on their peers, who work the safety ropes along with the instructors. During these activities, campers must be outfitted with the proper safety equipment. This equipment includes ropes, harnesses and safety helmets. These items were what were purchased with the Grant funds.

Sheriff Doug Doughtie stated: “We certainly appreciate the kindness shown to our summer camp program by the Outer Banks Community Foundation. We want Dare County Youth to be a part of an experience that increases their self-esteem and fosters trust and respect for their peers. The Alpine Tower offers them this type of experience. They learn to depend on their adult instructors and their fellow campers, and will take these skills and experiences with them as they grow and mature. “

“The Outer Banks Community Foundation is honored for the opportunity to support Camp S.A.L.T.,” said Lorelei Costa, Executive Director of the Foundation. “This wonderful camp is free of charge to any Dare County youth, and we’re excited to help make that possible by underwriting the costs of the essential climbing and safety equipment.