Helping People Help Animals Fund

An anonymous donor has established the Helping People Help Animals fund to support Outer Banks nonprofits who assist any kind of animal, wild or domesticated, with scales, feathers, fur, or fins. The fund’s stated purpose is “to provide grants to charitable organizations, with preference given to those organizations staffed entirely (or nearly entirely) by volunteers; to protect, rehabilitate, and care for all animals, both domestic and wild.” This generous donor expressed an “admiration for all those who volunteer to help animals, and this fund is to help those who do the work and participate in the efforts” that support agencies’ missions.

The Helping People Help Animals Fund is an endowed, Field of Interest fund; the Community Foundation’s board of directors will base grant decisions on applications it receives. The Helping People Help Animals Fund is poised to make grants that will support local animal causes for generations to come. Since the fund’s principal is invested, the fund will grow and grant amounts from the fund will increase over time.

Our fund’s creator noted, “There aren’t that many people who devote effort to the care of animals…it’s not easy work.”

The Community Foundation is delighted to have this new fund that provides additional support to all creatures, great and small, and we are grateful to this donor for having the foresight and inspiration to address a need that deserves more attention.

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