Scholarship Recipient Katy Spore on Being Bold and Going for Gold

Community Foundation scholarship recipient and First Flight High School 2017 grad Katy Spore is only recently out of college; she is already immersed in big city life and a career in her chosen profession. She’s designing at THINX, an eCommerce company in New York City; designing for others, as time allows; and taking a big bite out of life and The Big Apple. Community Foundation staff loved her design work so much that she was commissioned to create the 40th anniversary logo and graphic.

Katy was helped through four years of higher education at NC State by several scholarships, including the Glenn & Pat Eure Scholarship for Arts Education, and Linda Porter’s Shear Genius Scholarship, which are managed by your Community Foundation.

“What I like most about my job, and designing in general, is the creative process,” Katy wrote. “I love when there is just time to explore and experiment…you can end up with results you may have not thought of if you hadn’t played around.”

“My college education helped me achieve my goals by connecting me to my creative network of classmates and professors,” Katy continued. “My design school experience helped prepare me for real world feedback on my designs and how to carry myself professionally. The scholarships I received from Outer Banks Community Foundation and others allowed me to enter these environments and make connections that will last a lifetime.”

Katy’s advice for high school seniors? “Take time to figure out what activities or places make you feel most yourself. As long as you feel like you are growing in the environment you are in, it’s probably a good choice. Also, your college career will probably not be linear. There will be unexpected turns and ups and downs you cannot account for. But the coolest part is, when you finish college and will not recognize that person you were in your senior year of high school. That is the part that makes college, or any other personal growth journey, worth it.”

High school seniors and parents: our scholarship application season extends through Monday, March 7. Approximately $200,000 in scholarships will be awarded this year from your Community Foundation! To make sure you are one of this year’s recipients, don’t delay; get started today! Follow this link to get started.

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