Outer Banks Community Foundation Statement on Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and
Accessibility (IDEA)

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) are integral values that guide the mission and vision of the Outer Banks Community Foundation (OBCF). Our commitment to compassion, dignity, and excellence is deeply entwined with our dedication to IDEA. OBCF recognizes that meaningful change and significant impact can only be achieved by fostering an environment that embraces and reflects the rich diversity of our community.

IDEA encompasses a broad spectrum of characteristics, including but not limited to age, ethnicity, ability, gender diversity, geography, education, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. OBCF believes that the strength of our foundation lies in the unique qualities and perspectives that each individual brings. We acknowledge that embracing these differences makes us more effective advocates, employees, directors, and leaders and enriches the fabric of our community.

Foundational Principles:

• OBCF’s mission, purpose, and vision are most effectively realized when diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are integral to our core values.
• The success and future impact of our work hinge on our commitment and ability to integrate emerging and historically marginalized perspectives and individuals into our programs, grantmaking, and operations to address current and future needs.

• The achievement of our objectives relies on our collective and individual capacity to establish genuine, trusting relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally.
• OBCF upholds the dignity and value of all individuals in the Outer Banks, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and experiences.
• OBCF ensures an organizational culture free from bias by evaluating the foundation’s practices and addressing issues of equity and inclusiveness in grantmaking, donor cultivation and services, investments, programs, and hiring processes.
• OBCF values all partnering organizations and collaborations, acknowledging differences in ideologies and problem-solving approaches and diverse experiences in working with individuals of various backgrounds.
• OBCF adheres to local, state, and federal laws promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable community.


I. Reflecting Diversity within our Leadership and Staff: OBCF is committed to evaluating and enhancing the diversity of our board, committees, and staff, considering positions, age, ethnicity, ability, gender diversity, geography,
education, and sexual orientation. This reflection of diversity is essential for the authentic representation of our community.

II. IDEA in Grant Programs: The IDEA lens is applied to our grants program, ensuring diversity is a central
consideration in our funding decisions. OBCF aims to support initiatives that contribute to an inclusive and equitable community.

III. IDEA in Scholarship Programs: OBCF evaluates the diversity of our scholarship program through the IDEA lens,
promoting equal access to educational opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

IV. Support for Local Nonprofits: OBCF is exploring the creation of a program or resource to support local nonprofits, particularly focusing on new organizations, with an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility in grant writing.

V. IDEA Training and Discussion: OBCF offers training opportunities led by facilitators who can lead IDEA discussions for the board and staff, fostering a culture of understanding and appreciation for diversity. We also aim to establish ongoing training and discussion of IDEA at board and committee meetings.

VI. Philanthropic Goals for IDEA: OBCF integrates IDEA into our philanthropic goals by prioritizing grantees who
champion IDEA, updating philanthropic materials, and encouraging donors to consider these concepts in their grant decisions and fund establishment.

VII. Strategic Planning for Proactive Leadership: OBCF has integrated IDEA as a core value and goal in our strategic planning, envisioning the foundation as a proactive leader in addressing community issues and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By embracing Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility OBCF is dedicated to supporting and investing in a stronger, more resilient community that thrives on the unique contributions of all its members, regardless of human differences and experiences.