Board Members Give 40 Years of Priceless Leadership

A 2007, 25th Anniversary photo of Community Foundation Board and Emeritus Directors. Back row, L-R: Ron Bennett, Geneva Perry, Bob Oakes, Glen Miller, Myra Ladd-Bone, Cashar Evans, Bobby Harrell, Charles Hardy, Nonie Booth, Lila Schiffman, Jo Whitehead, Robbie Parker, Mike Kelly, James (Pat) Harrell, Skipper Hines, Sue Woolard.
Front row, L-R: Mike Reeves, Paul Ford, Helen Ford, David Stick, Edward Greene, Ray White, Ina Evans Ernst, Jon Kenton.


We love and appreciate this photo for so many reasons. Board service is an incredible gift to nonprofit organizations, and board member impact really shines bright when you look back over the years and realize how different individuals, at different times, put themselves into a position and effected real and lasting change in the process.

Nonprofits aren’t ‘owned’ by anyone–they are run by a board of directors on behalf of the larger community or cause that they serve. Board term limits ensure that new ideas and new talents are regularly infused into an organization.

Community Foundation board terms are for three years; board members can serve for up to two consecutive terms. Board members may be invited to serve additional term(s), but there must be an absence between tw0-term periods. This gives lots of opportunities for community members from a variety of backgrounds to weigh into our work, over time.

We are incredibly grateful to our founders and early board members. They created and ran the Community Foundation as volunteers, until first staff was hired in the mid-90’s. We stand on their shoulders today, and those of the board members who followed over the decades. The work we do each day is inspired by their investments of time, talent, and treasure. We hope to give back as much as they did, for future generations.